what to expect at your first dental visitWhile many people grow up going to the dentist twice a year for the purposes of preventative checkups, there are some people who don’t go to the dentist until adulthood. For those who have never been to the dentist before, they may be a little bit nervous because they have never been before. For those people who are wondering what a visit to the dentist is like, some of the information below may be helpful!

What Occurs At Your First Dental Visit?

Before the Visit

The visit to the dentist will start before the date of the visit even arrives. When someone calls to schedule an appointment with a dentist for the first time, they may be asked to collect certain information regarding their medical history. This is important because the dentist, like any other doctor, will want to know if there have been any issues in the past with the patient’s bodily or oral health. Examples of important information may be implantable medical devices, surgical procedures or chronic medical conditions. This information is important because it may overlap with what the dentist wants to do. For example, if a patient’s mouth is anatomically different due to surgery, this is something the dentist will want to know because it will impact how the dentist takes care of the patient.

During the Visit

While the exact schedule of a dental visit will vary based on the nature of the visit, a typical checkup will start with the dentist being called back and placed in a dental chair. While in the chair, the dental hygienist will start by cleaning the patient’s teeth. This is going to happen regardless of whether or not the patient has been brushing their teeth regularly. This deep cleaning will help to remove plaque from the surfaces of the teeth that may otherwise call cavities. In addition, the hygienist will also floss the patient’s teeth to get the plaque between the teeth out of the way. There may also be a fluoride treatment to place a protective layer over the teeth.

The Dentist will Arrive

After the hygienist has cleaned the teeth, the dentist will be called in to check the teeth for cavities or other problems. The dentist will examine all surfaces of the teeth as well as the gum line to check for problems. If there are cavities in the patient’s mouth, the dentist may ask if the patient wants them filled during the visit. If there are questionable areas on the surfaces of the teeth, the dentist may offer a sealant treatment to reinforce the structure. If there are issues with the gum tissue, the dentist will make recommendations regarding how best to care for the gum tissue. Of course, the dentist will also encourage the patient to continue to take good care of their teeth.

After the visit, the patient may receive a follow-up call from the dentist to see how everything is going. In general, people should not stress about the visit to the dentist, even for the first time. Visits to the dentist are important because they help to prevent oral health problems from developing. Remember that the dentist only wants what is best for their patients.